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God v Dagon

There will not be a broadcast of the Service on August 15th, 22nd or 29th. Sorry for any inconvenience.***

**Please be in Prayer for the family of Millie Kazarnowicz, who our church has been praying for over the past 4 months, since she was born very premature. This wonderful young girl struggled for 4 months, but succumbed to the many issues of her premature birth. Pray for her parents Renee and Kevin, grandparents Bill and Michelle and their whole family, in their time of great heartbreak. Our service opened with an announcement and a time of prayer for the family, but due to technical difficulties, this was unfortunately not recorded or broadcast. O God, whose most dear Son took little children into His arms and blessed them, Give us grace, we pray, to entrust Millie to Your never-failing care and love, and bring us all to Thy heavenly kingdom, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. This Morning we are looking at the idea of idolatry, the First Commandment, and how both the Israelites and Philistines fell into idolatry in various ways surrounding the Ark of the Covenant.

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